Words Have Power

There’s power in words.  Beauty in words.  Grace in words.rpk-tramplin.ru

Words create movement.  They craft nations.  They seal a marriage.  They cast a vision.  They make us laugh.

They focus our attention.  They expand our horizons.  They stimulate our creativity.  They communicate our prayers.

And they script our possibilities.

That’s why we want you to pay attention to one particular word this year – a word of your choosing.



With My One Word you choose just one word to be your motto of sorts for the next twelve months. It becomes your focus, the lens through which you see your heart and life.

Haven’t picked word yet? What aspect of your character needs to become more aligned to God’s character?

Take 2013 and focus on that one trait.

According to the Barna research group, over 90 million Americans make New Year’s resolutions. So I’m guessing you have too at some point. However, you’ve probably found that each day keeps blurring into the next while you keep hoping to make some progress on your list of good intentions.  Yet very little actually changes.  (As few as 8% of resolution makers report achieving any lasting change.)

When we open the Bible, we find more lists. Things followers of Christ should do.  Things followers of Christ should resist doing.

Traits a followers of Christ should display – all the truly important stuff.

How will we ever get to any of this?

That’s where My One Word was birthed.  Focus on one aspect of change throughout the year, and actually see change in your life this year in that area.

We believe it is better to do something about one thing than nothing about everything.

Need some ideas and inspiration? Click on the “Words” tab above and read through some one words others have chosen this week.  See one that connects with you? Consider connecting with the person who posted that word if they have offered their email or social media address. Offer to be accountability partners in your walk with God and your one words this year.

Because words have power. But we have to use them to harness their power.


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