Ann Voskamp’s One Word

We’re just a couple days into the new year and already hundreds of new one words have been posted here at the My One Word website.Плиты погреба

Nouns like PEACE and JOY.

Verbs like TRUST and GIVE.

Adjectives like SELFLESS and SETTLED.


Rather than bringing you a Q & A here today with a Christian leader doing My One Word, we’re going to point you to the post of one.

Ann Voskamp. Talented author of the gripping, touching and I might add quite popular book One Thousand Gifts.

In her post, in a way only Ann could, she reveals what her one word for 2013 will be.

It’s not a noun, a verb, an adjective or even an adverb.

It’s a preposition. Just two letters.



Ann says, “…that two-letter preposition could change a year and a life.”

Indeed it can. And we believe it will. Because change is possible, but a little focus is needed. And Ann is focusing in the best possible place.

So check out Ann’s post, discover her 2013 one word, and see one of the ways she’ll be keeping it in front of her this year.

Have you chosen and posted a word yet?

2 Responses to “Ann Voskamp’s One Word”

  1. I was looking for a topic for our women’s ministry meeting tonight and found this.

    • My One Word says:

      Terrific, Cindy! The concept is easy to grasp and do. But just so you’ll know, there is a book and a 4 session DVD that walks individuals or groups through it. Might be a good resource for your women’s ministry.

      Hope the meeting goes great tonight.