Write it on your forehead

One of the first tasks of walking through your year with your one word is to “keep it in front of you.”


Write it where you will see it.


Post it where you can’t miss it.


In the book we said to bind it to your forehead if need be–just don’t forget it.


Remember Reminder


Here’s some youth who took up the challenge to “write it on your foreheads.”




How are you keeping your one word before you?

  • Tammy Gillmore

    I introduced MyOneWord to my Sunday evening class…they adopted words; then, I suggested we choose a word for our class for this year. We prayed about it for a week, came back together, and chose vision. Now, we are praying about our scripture. Exciting!

    I wish I could share the synergy that is alive in this class. Thank you!

    • That is terrific, Tammy. We’d love to be able to share in that synergy. Hope your class has a fantastic year!

  • I was doubting this morning what I have learned so far about My Word, “Diligent” then I realized each day I am living My Word.

    • That’s precisely the goal, Dawn. Glad to hear it.

  • I’m participating in Beth Moore’s Scripture Memory Challenge and each verse I memorize this year will have “grace” in it. These are stuck on sticky notes on my computer monitor so I see them throughout the day.

    • Brillant idea, Lauren, to use verses with your one word for Beth’s Scripture Memory Challenge. I know you’ll have a GRACE-filled year.

  • karen

    This video has really touched my heart today – thank you for sharing it. Like Lauren, I am also participating in Beth Moore’s Scripture Memory Challenge and each verse I memorize this year will be about Delight (from Psalm 37:4) – my delight in God and His delight in me.

    • I agree, Karen. It really gets to me towards the end when their chosen verses start appearing on the screen. I paused and prayed this morning for you to have a DELIGHTful year.

  • kcreviews

    Every year, I write the verse(s) that go with My One Word on index cards and tape them to my bathroom mirror. This year I’m also going to put them in my car. I’m also going to memorize some of my favorite verses on the word, which, this year, is LOVE. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself…by this all men will know you are my disciples if you love one another.

    • Excellent! I love when I spot someone’s one word taped to their dashboard.