Earlier this week Mike posted how he let his one word SHAPE determine his approach to Valentine’s Day.

Davene of the blog Spilled did as well, you can check out her post here. Davene chose the one word BEYOND and she writes:


Essentially, having the theme of BEYOND simply helps me to open my eyes and shift my perspective–to ask more often, “How can I bless those around me?”  Like for Valentine’s Day, for example… I know that Jeff is thoughtful enough to find ways to show love to me on that day in particular, and sometimes that includes flowers.  But this year, as my heart ached for some dear friends who are being affected by Multiple Systems Atrophy, a horrible, vicious disease, I told Jeff, “I appreciate so much the way you make Valentine’s Day special for me; but this year, rather than buying me flowers or anything like that, would you please give the money to help our friends and support research and advocacy for MSA?”


And he did.  🙂  And I was happy.  🙂
As this year continues, I pray that God would show me the opportunities that He wants me to take.  I pray for creativity in meeting needs.  I pray for a willingness to sacrifice my own time and comfort.  I pray for love to blanket all my little efforts.  I pray to go BEYOND.


Davene is aligning her actions with her one word. It could be said that a decision isn’t really a decision – it’s not really been made – until you take an action that reflects it.

You’ve chosen your one word for this year – how are your actions revealing that decision on a daily or weekly basis? You’ve chosen a word, but have you truly decided to live into it and out of it?



Another thing we love about Davene’s post is that she didn’t let the fact that 52 days of the year had already passed to pick a word for the year. It’s never too late to choose a word for the year!  And it’s never too late to let that one word start influencing your actions.