One Line On Your One Word

I’m a huge fan of Twitter.

But I’m not on Twitter for the reasons that most people are on Twitter.  Certainly I enjoy the conversations. And I can appreciate the influence that Twitter allows a pastor; I want to be a good steward of that influence for sure. But for me, the exercise of tweeting (communicating in 140 characters or less) is more about articulation than influence.




Everyday as a part of my devotional time I conclude by writing a 140 character “take away” of what I encountered while reading, reflecting on my one word, and praying.  It’s a simple exercise to see if I can describe what I learned in a clear and concise way.  I’m forced to think and to use words intentionally.


So I have a Moleskine notebook full of handwritten “tweets” that aren’t posted anywhere on the Internet, just scrawled in my journal- hashtags and all.  It might sound funny, but it’s been a great learning experience for me, and proves to be a great way for me to process what God is doing in my life.


My One Word is designed to have this same effect: to force vision, focus and articulation. To help you see and process what God is doing in your life.


As you spend time with God and look at your life through the lens of your one word, I encourage you to take some time to think about what you just thought about. In fact, write it down. Try writing it In 140 characters or less.


For example, some of my takeaways based on what God was teaching me through my various one words include:


  • Spend the morning SHAPING my week.
  • My INVESTment is measured by a return – which requires a long-term view.
  • Every interaction as well as every task needs a clearly defined FINISH.


Those are just a sampling – there’s a ton of little phrases like that I’ve written. Some are powerful or profound; most are not. But the point isn’t to be profound or to impress others with my tweets. The point is just to articulate my walk with God.


The art of narrowing down my vision for the year into one word forces me to focus.  And the art of summarizing the application of that word into short tweetable statements fosters a reflective clarity. Both are important.


The power of this write-a-tweetable-take-away exercise will not be measured by the number of followers you gain on Twitter tweeting out your thoughts on your one word. But rather by the increasing clarity you develop as you regularly articulate God’s work in your life.


I spent the better part of a year deciding if I should join Twitter. I wanted to be sure if I did, I’d do it with the purpose of growing spiritually – and hopefully encouraging others to as well – rather than as a way to gain popularity or influence. After wading in carefully and purposefully, I now love Twitter!


Are you on Twitter yet? If so, follow me, follow Rachel, and follow My One Word.  I also invite you to begin tweeting about how your one word is shaping your life. Include the hashtag #myoneword so we can see what God is doing in you this year.




One Response to “One Line On Your One Word”

  1. kcreviews says:

    I’m proud of you, Mike. I don’t think I’ll ever tweet, though…even FB gets on my nerves.