Even “The Flash” Took Baby Steps

My wife and I have learned a valuable lesson: dont blink or The Flash will be long gone. The Flash is the nickname weve given our four-year-old daughter Paige. To say she is quick on her feet would be an understatement. If you turn your back for a second, Paige is bound to be three-quarters of the way up the stairs, jumping from couch to couch, waving to you on top of the table or dangling from the chandelier (okay, that last one is a bit of stretch, but she is very determined).

Its funny to think how something which comes so naturally now was so foreign to her just a short time ago. Yet, she wouldnt be the speed racer she is now unless she took those first wobbly steps. Back then she needed her mommys fingers for a sense of security or the edge of the table for balance. There were times when Paiges eyes would get so big and you could tell she was thinking Just one stepjust one. As shed stare down at her knocking knees, she had to have faith to move regardless of the outcome. One foot in front of the other.

Over the past few weeks, weve learned that our walk with God assumes movement through disciplines and requires the same type of faith my daughter had when she started to walk. Whether it is finding new ways to deal with old frustrations, responding to lifes difficulties or being transformed into Christs character, it all comes down to arranging our lives for growth to occur. What youve probably realized after  two weeks of putting disciplines into place is how change is always met with resistance.

It is very easy to come up with excuse after excuse as to why growth cant happen or explain why we refuse to take steps of faith. Anytime we face a difficult task, we feel a pull to go back to the way things were and remain the same. It might be selfishness, not wanting to appear foolish, fear of failure, or doubt; but whatever the excuse may be it comes down to perception. Inadequacy is not a concern of God’s, but this mindset of inadequacy plagues us from taking steps of faith.

We have been invited to walk–not accomplish. The things we accomplish are simply expressions or by-products of following the footsteps of Christ as we walk with Him. Stop focusing on all the places where living out your One Word still feels awkward and unnatural. This only leads you to focus your attention on the negative rather than celebrating those small baby steps of growth. Continue to take those next right steps of faith. It turns out those baby steps may be the most giant ones of all–paving the way for God to fulfill the purposes Hes established for you. As the life of Christ makes a difference in our hearts and souls, we live this out and God uses us to bring His change to the world around us.

After spending two weeks setting up disciplines to live out your One Word, where have you witnessed the most growth? Where have you met the most resistance?
As it relates to your One Word, what do you believe is the next step you need to take? What actions or changes do you need to put into place to make this change a reality?
Philippians 1:6 and Romans 5:1-5. How do these passages give you hope in regards to the resistance you might be feeling with disciplines being formed into your character?

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One Response to “Even “The Flash” Took Baby Steps”

  1. karen says:

    I found the most growth in the most unlikely place – my obedience to God. Recently, I have been struggling with a custody battle that has had me worried, angry, hurt, fearful, upset…. in other words, my emotions have been all over the place. Although “strength” has been my word this year, I have had very little strength in this area. Recently, two things happened in the same week, I I have been forever changed. The first was the weekly bible study that I was doing with the ladies church group. The weeks lesson was all about obedience. Not only about being obedient, but IMMEDIATE OBEDIENCE. The main story was about Abrahams obedience in sacrificing Isaac. Sure, I did the lessons. Sure I thought about them. But how could I be obedient if I didn’t know what God really wanted. The second thing happened at a healing mass that I had started attending monthly. I stepped forward and specifically asked for prayer for clarification in this situation. Suddenly (answer to prayer) it was so clear to me what I was to do. At first I denied it, but God told me very clearly that He had been giving me the answer all along over the previous few months. But because it wasn’t what I wanted, I was not listening. So I did. He told me that I was to give the father whatever he wanted. Not until I became obedient to Him did I feel peace. And what amazing peace it is. The situation is still not resolved (court is still a few weeks away). However, I have come to realize that the “strength” that He has given me, has been in response to obedience to Him. I have been asked to lay my Isaac down….. and to trust that His way is right.
    So, the next step? To continue to remain obedient – despite what I might really think I want! 🙂