Advice on Organization from a Disorganized kind of Guy

This would be funny if it wasnt so true, or if this kind of thing didnt happen to me all the time.

Two weeks ago I sat down to write my February contribution to the My One Word blog. I have to tell you it was good actually brilliant! It was the type of essay that would touch your head and your heartmake you think and cry at the same time.

But thats not what youre reading here today. In fact you wont see it for a few more months.

Here is what happened: I couldnt find the list of monthly topics we were given. I printed it out and put it some place but who knows where. But thats okay, I am familiar with this program, been doing it for a few years. February is all about using your word as a lens.

Actually its not.

Of course I didnt know that until after investing 3 hours of work on the masterpiece. Turns out February is all about setting up a system so your word can take root. Or, to put it another way; the month is all about getting organizied.

Thats not exactly one of my strengths.

In fact I am so disorganized that Ive actually tried to spin this character flaw as some type of unique charm. You know what I am talking about – people like me do it all the time! No matter how chaotic the office may appear well actually claim that: Theres a system to it all, a method to the madness. This is how I am at my best! It may look messy but I actually know where everything is.

Yeah everything except the car keys, cell phone, vital bills and documents and that My One Word sheet. Now where exactly did I put that?

So, I was going to blow off this month. After all who am I to lecture on organization?

But a mist all the clutter, sitting by itself on the coffee table, is a little 3 by 5 inched index card.  Maybe I do have something to say.

You see, first thing every morning I turn to that card for my quiet time. Its kind of like my cheat sheet. Scribbled on it is an outline (dare, I say an organized plan,) for my morning prayer. I stole it from a book a few months ago, and it has made all the difference in the world:

1. Dedicate this day to God

2. Put on Jesus- remember who God wants you to be today

3. Today is all about Him not you

4. Give gratitude for what God has done for you

5. Give gratitude for the Cross

6. Give gratitude for the Resurrection

7. Give gratitude for the Ascension

8. Give gratitude for the Spirit that will guide you today

9. What are your expectations? What do you hope God do today?

It all takes 10 to 15 minutes. Some mornings I may spend more time thinking about number 3 and other days it may be number 8 that gets the majority of my attention. Since all this is somewhat new to me many times Ive had to open up my eyes, glance down at the card, and remember whats next on the list.

Its not natural. And at times using the card feels a little artificial, but it always manages to take me deeper. Yes Id love to have a prayer life that just flows naturally, but the truth is for right now – I need a system, a structure, an organized plan to get me there.

What does all of this have to do with My One Word? Well, in 2011 I selected seed because I want to do something small that makes a big difference in the lives of others. But before I do that, maybe I need to plant a little seed in my own life.

So come back next month, or the month after whenever it is were supposed to talk about lenses. You will really like what I wrote. You know- assuming I can find it by then.

Doug Wahl is a former award winning broadcast journalist. His first book Gradually to God will come out in this spring. He is also the founder of the Off the Wahl blog on facebook!/pages/Off-The-Wahl-Eassys-in-taking-the-next-step-in-a-walk-with-Christ/108832095861048?v=wall

One Response to “Advice on Organization from a Disorganized kind of Guy”

  1. Annie says:

    You are already accomplishing your word, seed. You planted a seed in me to not feel guilty about having some prayers written out for the day, I thought it was kindof like cheating even though I never voiced that to anyone. Your article encouraged me, so you planted the seed of encouragement today. thanks.