What to fixate on




What do you believe about your ability to change, with regards to your one word?  

Can you really do it?


What do you believe about your ability to change with regards to GOD and your one word?


Feel faith rise when God enters the question?


That’s because He also enters the answer.  In fact, He is the answer.


God is usually the missing crucial piece when we’re trying to change. We get really frustrated with ourselves, or really inspired by someone else, and our desire to change surges. Our willpower swells. And we determine to live differently.


We make some forward progress, for a while. Then — eight, nine times out of ten — we fizzle. We run out of steam. We lose focus. We stop short, and our spirit sinks.


After a few rounds of this pattern, we loose faith in our ability to change. Losing faith is detrimental – faith is the one thing the Bible mentions pleases God. So it’s important to know where to draw faith from.


We must focus our eyes on Jesus,

the author and finisher of our faith.  – Hebrews 12:2


Jesus is who we draw faith from. When your faith runs low, or when you loose hope in your ability to change, fixate on Him – find Him in the books of the gospel.


Ever notice how doubt drains our energy, worry and fear drain our spirit,  but faith fills us with expectant hope? Another way to say that: Doubt makes us grow tired, but faith makes us grow tall. And faith flows from Jesus.


It’s important to know where to source our faith when we want to fix ourselves, but it’s also of utmost importance to remember that the source of our faith is also the source of our fix.


God alone redeems lives. He alone trades hearts of flesh for hearts of stone. He is the One that makes you a new creation. His wisdom, grace and strength are the key to your change.


So fix your eyes today on the One who gives you faith and brings you hope. In Him, you ultimately cannot fail to change.