Rachel’s Word FIRST


It took me longer than usual to choose my one word this year.

Sometimes I know my next word by early December; often by early January.  But this time it was late January before I got it.

And I was starting to think it wasn’t going to come – that I wasn’t going to have that moment of clarity when I know this is my word for this year.

But it came.


My One Word for 2013 is FIRST.

My verse is Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”



Am I excited by FIRST? Well, honestly, not quite like I was at the start last year with the one word CREATE.

For some reason FIRST just doesn’t feel as “sizzle” as CREATE did.

I’m a word-girl. I love language. Some words are poetic, some are artsy, some are pointed, some feel-good, and some are enticing. They sizzle.

FIRST feels kind of pedestrian to me in comparison. What girl wouldn’t want a cute bracelet with the word CREATE stamped into it? Now who wants to wear one that simply says FIRST?  (In my mind people would probably mistake that for some kind of medical alert bracelet.)

I did order a photo from local photographer Kate Morgan who will write your one word in the sand at Wrightsville Beach and take a photo of it for you. Peruse her Etsy site and you’ll see photos of people’s one words in the sand – sizzle words like JOURNEY, SERENITY, TRUST or HOPE.





Somehow I can’t imagine FIRST looking all that inspiration-y written on the beach.

But I ordered mine anyway. And then I realized that the fact that the wave is about to wash over (and erase) my word in the sand, reminds me not to procrastinate. To do FIRST things first. To give God the FIRST part of my day – before the time is gone. To give God the FIRST-fruits of my labor, before the paycheck is gone.

So while FIRST may not carry inspiration-y sizzle, I think it will be a gentle but firm task-master. A priority (re)organizer. I think it will keep my soul well-ordered.

Which in truth, I probably need more than I need “sizzle.”

{Sigh – why are want and need two different things so often?}

So, yes, I am excited about my one word FRIST, because I know that God will use this word to speak to me, guide me and shape me this year. And because I believe there are rewards to be reaped for striving to put God FIRST.


Does your one word feel like a “sizzle” word to you?


6 Responses to “Rachel’s Word FIRST”

  1. Lynn Graham says:

    Rachel, you asked me earlier if I had one word or can’t wait to see my one word after I read your book. I’ll let you know my one word is ” Transformation”. this word makes me feel excited.

  2. Dawn W. says:

    I believe God will teach you tons with FIRST this year. As I shared previously, I would never have picked DILIGENT…it wasn’t even one of the words on my radar. Diligent is helping me through so much already this year and I haven’t even had time to go through all the Scripture with my word in it yet. God continues reminding me of DILIGENT as I walk through the rebuild of my parents’ home and my hand issues.

    P.S. You always do so much for others maybe God wants you to let Rachel be FIRST sometimes too.

  3. kcreviews says:

    My word definitely doesn’t sizzle. I tried to pick “ahab” or “chasaq” or “chesed” but God told me to stop trying so hard and just choose “love.”