The beginning of year is filled with fireworks and fast starts. It’s how we get things done. We all feel the pressure to start the year off with a bang–which is not the same as starting the year off well.

For years, my discipline to make New Years Resolutions was to try them out in January and then make my final decision on February 1. This would give me a chance to see how serious I was about which promise I was most likely to keep.

It helped, but it helped me for all the wrong reasons. I only did what was doable. The calculation led me towards the certainty of what could be done rather the potential of who I could become.

To understand potential requires a deeper work.

So I began to spend some intentional time in the month of January “trying on My One Word”. As much as I wanted to grab my word and get started, I would use the month to see what I would notice and to find out what kind of questions I’d be asking.

This word-picking process became very important.

So, if you have not settled on your One Word, then you are in perfect place to try a few on. If you have picked your One Word, maybe you should consider pressing on it a little.

The process of formation is so important and I hope you will take the time to embrace the process involved in picking your One Word… and we’d love to invite you to share the experience as well!

Let’s start the New Year and try on a couple of words as we prepare to pick one.
No bang required.

I’ll be posting some questions that have been really helpful from using the month of January to pick My One Word.