Have you ever had to make a decision and in the process of sharing it with someone you come to your own conclusion before they even get out their third uh-huh?  Things just sound different in our head than they do when said out loud. The same concept is true in understanding how your word is taking shape in your life.

Philemon 1:6
I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

Have you been struggling with applying your word? If so, talking it out is a sure way to gain some insight on what may be hindering you. Community is what helps us see the forest for the trees. If your word is just a private matter then you risk not seeing the big picture of what God is doing. When you open up to your community, and discuss what you are learning throughout this journey, your understanding of how God is using your word increases. Even if the opposite is true, and my one word has been a great experience thus far; Acknowledging every good thing that takes place in your life is a reminder for you of Gods faithfulness. Reminding yourself of the progress you have made puts you in a position to better receive and apply what God has revealed to you.

Another way of looking at the word sharing, in the verse above, is that of participation. When we open up to others concerning our word, this encourages them to do the same. Suddenly, there is a common thread, a partnership between us. This sense of partnership encourages us to view each others word as equally important to God. By sharing with one another we are exploring what God has given us for the formation that we want to see take place.

Our walks are designed to be a collaboration. We are to serve and support one another in love. This begins by actually opening up and sharing, both the good and the bad. Its just as important to celebrate our small achievements as it is to admit when we arent making the kind of progress that we had hoped we would. In doing so, we discover a common bond that is sure to bring clarity and encouragement for moving forward.