What’s Your Story?

Stories are huge when it comes to our faiththey inspire, they give hope, they speak of redemption. By reflecting Christs character through your One Word a story is being told to others. Its a tale of a heart once resistance to joy, patience, and kindness now softened so a world will be impacted.

Whether you realize it or not, your story speaks volumes about the possibility of inner change. It takes a community effort for transformation to occurand so it’s for this very reason we must take a moment to share our stories. Through the telling of our experiences we are able to encourage one another to continue along on the journey.

With this in mind, we have created the email address stories@myoneword.org/old as a way for you to share how your One Word has changed, influenced and impacted you this year. We want to encourage you take a few moments to share your story with us.

As we look through the stories submitted we will be sharing some of them on the myoneword.org/old blog in the future as a way to encourage others this year. We hope you will participate in sharing how God has been using your One Word to shape you in 2010 so far!