Making Change Stick With A M.O.W. Account

Without something that prompts us to move, we will gradually drift back to our old ways. Slowly things will return to status quo. In terms of our personal growth, reminders enable new habits to become engrained in our character by triggering our memory. This is the conclusion weve come to over the past few years as weve listened to people who have participated in the My One Word project. Those who found a way to keep their word before them saw progress and transformation while those who failed to set up a trigger were left frustrated wondering why growth never occurred.

As we began planning the layout of the My One Word blog for 2010, we brainstormed ways to come alongside people and help them engage in their word throughout the year. We believe weve done just that by developing personalized My One Word accounts. We know that sticking with your word is hard, so we are adding this account feature as a tool to help keep your word in front of you all year long. In essence, registering for an account is like writing a big post-it note that reminds you that you desire change.

Right now with an account you can:

  • Share your word on the My One Word website
  • Receive personalized emails that remind you about your word
  • Sign up for our newsletter letting you know about updates and new features on the My One Word website

In the future we will be adding these features and more:

  • A personalized interactive online journal you can use to answer the questions posed on the blog each week to help you track your progress with your word
  • Connect your My One Word account with your Facebook account and share your word with friends on Facebook.

We cant encourage you enough to go and sign up for an account. This valuable tool will help you reflect your word throughout 2010.