Celebrate The Steps

One of the great advantages of My One Word is the way it helps me see my growth as a process.  When I think about my word and what I hope it will help me become, I get excited about the possibility that this could actually happen.

But it is not just a goal.  The point of focusing for an entire year is to remind you that it is a process.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything that remains unchanged and all the work that needs to be done.  But we shouldnt forget to celebrate.

Celebrating is an act of faith.  It is a declaration of progress and not simply a destination.  We don’t celebrate our birthday because it is the endwe celebrate it as a point on the journey.  And you should celebrate these points.

The problem is that, too often, we have not identified these points.  We don’t know what to look for, so we wait until the end to celebrate. And that is too late.

Our word reminds us that we are in process.  Each step along the way is an opportunity to celebrate that progress.  We are celebrating what God is doing in us.

If you struggle with discipline, celebrate the fact that you sat down and read or exercised or journaled.  Our steps tend to remind us that we do not do enough, so our thoughts become cloudedwe feel pressure to continue, or feel regret that comes from thinking, “Why didn’t I do this yesterday?”

If you struggle with your temper, celebrate the fact that what you were able to take a deep breath and deal with something that would have sent you reeling last month. And it was fine.  You didn’t lose anything by not losing your temper.

Patience, kindness, worry, gossip, stress.whatever your struggle, make sure to celebrate your progress.  Celebrate the fact that you believe that God is working in your life. This is faith.  You are declaring that you believe that what He has begun He will complete. And until you are complete, you are in process.  Do not wait until the end to celebratethat’s too late. Celebrate the steps.

Wed love to hear your response to the following question: Read Philippians 4:4. One way we can encourage each other is by celebrating steps of growth together. As you look back on your My One Word journey to this point, what step do you most need to celebrate?

2 Responses to “Celebrate The Steps”

  1. Emy Baier says:

    celebrating the fact that my one word is on my mind constantly. To ADVANCE. Not to look back other than to see the work God has done in my life these last two years and to know that He continues to direct my path forward in whatever He has planned for me.

  2. Toni Hobbs says:

    Celebrating the steps with my one word is a wonderful idea. My 1st step was taking “step one” class. The meetings are great. I am learning things about myself that is really enlightening. Recently I’ve been trying to explain to the group about how many great ideas that I express as “doors” that just keep opening for me. I am meeting all kinds of new people like doctors, educators, community workers, farmers, therapist, and even several new friends. I think I’m not suppose to expect for all these fabulous things to happen just because I read the bible with my son, say more prayers, write in one word journal, give more thanks, or even go to all the classes BUT it simply is all true. I feel God has been with me every step of the way except now I know… He’s always in me with my one word “faith!”