Room To Grow

I wish I was able to cultivate my backyard into a spacious garden where plants thrive and flourish. However, somehow I seem to kill every plant I touch. My Black Thumb sends every seed six feet under to its death sentence. In order to understand why devastation reigns supreme in my backyard, I headed over to Home Depot to seek advice from the garden experts. After answering numerous questions, my fears were relieved when they informed me the seeds lack of growth was not due solely to my incompetence, but rather the terrible soil in which it had been sown.

The expert informed me how the condition of the soil determined whether a seed would sprout or stay dormant, never to see the light of day. While some elements found in soil provide key nutrients, there are others that can be toxic to plants. Erosion, drought, rocks and other random organisms make it nearly impossible for growth to occur. In essence, the seed never stood a chance to develop deep roots.

Even though Luke 8:4-15 is often referred to as the Parable of the Sower, very little energy is spent focusing on the farmer himself. Instead great detail goes into describing the conditions of the various soils. This does not mean the identity of the Sower is insignificant. In fact, it is just the opposite. Without the Sower (Jesus Christ) taking the time to plant the seeds (word of God), no fruit would be produced from the soil (our hearts).

Yet, we need to ask ourselves: Why is Jesus so concerned over the environment the seed is placed in? What is He ultimately nudging us to do with what we have been told? Like the soil expert at Home Depot, Jesus understood how critical a role the condition of the soil plays in a seeds development.

If the seed in the parable represents the word of God then it should unsettle us how only one environment provided an ideal setting for the seed to bear fruit. So, what can we do to make the conditions ripe for our spiritual growth? It starts by immersing ourselves in the Word of God. To reflect Gods heart, we have to know Gods heart. We must allow the truth of scripture to define our actions, words and lives; yet at the same time understand how just like a seed our maturity and growth take time to develop. Weeds can pop up overnight, but mature fruit occurs over time.

A heart found in good soil is the place in which the character of God takes root in our lives. This good soil is a byproduct of a heart which is real, submissive, and tenacious in pursuing the qualities of their One Word. The seed that will bear fruit is the one which can withstand the heat, distraction, and everything else working against it. This last point is critical to understand as you begin to ponder your current struggles with your One Word and whether or not you might be good soil. You need to understand how faith doesnt eliminate the struggle. Rather faith perseveres until the fullness of God is demonstrated and His fruit is born. Good soil is not the finished work. Soil is simply a context for potential. When you cultivate, you dig. You move dirt around to make room. You create an area where you hope what you plant will grow. You create room to grow.

  • Read Luke 8:4-15. Which of the four seeds most accurately reflects the condition of your heart right now and your receptiveness to your One Word? How long has your heart been like this? Is this a place that you find yourself often? If so, why? Are you comfortable in this place or is your heart longing for change?
  • Read Colossians 2:6-7. How does the imagery found in this passage encourage you and provide comfort that change can occur through your One Word? How can you can begin to cultivate the soil to affect positive change in your heart? How will you be able to tell if your heart is softening toward this change?

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3 Responses to “Room To Grow”

  1. Joe says:

    This reading has really shown me how much I lack in the condition of my soil, “heart” to allow Gods word to start taking root. This I know for fact will not be easy but I am willing to give it a go. I have to start some where so I better get to it.

  2. Teresa says:

    My heart has been in a place of disobedience lately. I have not spent time in the word like I normally do and it shows in my attitude. It is so easy to say to yourself , I don’t have time to read this morning or I will spend time in prayer later. Later never comes and time is wasted doing mundane things that does not bring glory to God. The good soil of my heart will only change as I change my attitude and begin to spend the time with God that is required. I cannot set a time limit I must let the Holy Spirit guide me on this journey.

  3. Shawn Thornton says:

    I am just encountering this pick one word.I have chosen ‘witness’. I speak to God all day long lately it seems. I am mostly asking him to guide me in the direction that he wants me to go in. I look for signs of this in EVERYTHING all the while in a constant struggle with fear, indecisiciveness,not good soil at all. I want , need and desire a change in my life and the only way Ive found a calm serene feeling within myself is through God.