Procrastination pretty much summed up my work ethic during my college years. If I devoted as much time and energy to studying as I did to winning a Super Bowl ring on Madden, I would of graduated Magna Cum Laude instead of Praise The Lord-e. Chugging a combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull in order to stay awake, I was the guy hunkered down in the computer lab at 4 in the morning just starting his introductory statement for the 12 page paper due for his 8 oclock philosophy class.

I wish I could say I kicked this habit shortly after graduation. Sadly, this isnt the case. My tendency to put things off till the last minute has followed me into adulthood. Whether it is starting home improvement projects, paying bills or mowing the grass, I tend to be a complete and utter slacker. In my former life as an administrative assistant, I created artificial deadlines. I purposely waited till I was up against the clock to finish the project all in hopes of creating some adventure in my mundane world of spreadsheets.

Procrastination has even begun to creep into my involvement with the My One Word project. For the past six months or so, Ive been tasked with writing blog entries that encourage people to stay engaged with their One Word. This job is not new. Every Monday an entry goes up on the site. Its not like I dont know this responsibility is coming.

Yet, Ive noticed recently that instead of loving the beginning of my workweek like I did in the past, I find myself wrestling with the blank screen of my laptop. Instead, Ill work on other writing assignments, chat with co-workers, respond to emails or update my Facebook status. My avoidance has a lot to do with writers block, a lack of creativity and the feeling that Ive hit a wall.

Instead of facing this difficult stretch head on, all I want to do is run from my responsibilities. Rather than endure, I try to avoid. I think this is where this months topic on Gathering Stones comes into play. When doubt of growth, transformation or change takes root in your mind, a few stones reminding you of Gods faithfulness goes a long way.

Luckily today, I mistakenly came across a few stones while clearing out my inbox in one last failed attempt at procrastination. These stones came in the form of emails from My One Word subscribers who wrote about how God is using this project to move in their lives in incredible ways. Message after message spoke of how focusing on a single aspect of Christs heart had brought personal transformation and spiritual breakthrough.

These emails serve as my stones. They are stones not to reassure me of my ability, but rather remind me of how God serves as the true agent of change. These notes help me keep in mind how blessed I am to have any part in a project that God is using to bring people closer to His side.  These stones cause me to fight, rather than avoid, when my creativity is zapped. So, I continue to write.

How about you? Have you hit a wall? Are you struggling to endure? What is fueling your procrastination? What stones do you need to gather to remember that being transformed through the lens of your One Word has an impact on others? What will be the thing that sparks a memory of how God used your One Word to cultivate your heart and influence those around you? These little altars reminding you of Gods faithfulness are what keep you moving in the right direction and chasing after His heart.

  • Where have you hit a wall when it comes to your pursuit of reflecting Gods character and heart through your One Word?
  • What is causing you to procrastinate and not meet these challenges head on?

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One Response to “Procrastination”

  1. Linda says:

    Procrastination has become a big thing with me also. I have not been on here since Febuary I discovered and I think that Fear loneliness is what has been causing me to put off things. I need to get back on track and Just do it. God has been faithfull to grow me in my one word, transformation even though I have not spent time with Him regularly or kept the commitment to write it out so maybe I can bless others with this journey. I’ve Got to quit and start.