Nudging The Scales

Some writing assignments prove to be a bit more daunting than others. Explaining the concept of leverage and the role it should play in the life of a disciple is one such challenging task. To clear my mind and search for the right approach on this topic, I took my two daughters to the park. When hearing my youngest daughter pleading for me to play with her on the seesaw, I realized that in a simple piece of playground equipment I had found the perfect example to help one see leverage from the proper perspective.

Think about it for a moment. The contraption is built on the principle of leverage.  If my tiny kindergartner sat on one end and I placed my weight on the other, chances are good she would get skyrocketed up into space. No matter how hard she attempted to nudge the seesaw down, it would be a losing battle. However, if she had her sister and a few of their friends join her on the same side, the scales would begin to turn. By leveraging your life for impact you start to nudge the scales ever so slightly. Yet, it is only when a community of believers come together that the possibility of turning the world upside down comes into play.

Leverage is simply the power to influence something in a particular direction. Leverage is about taking personal responsibility for the Kingdom of God. One begins to leverage their life when they begin to understand God has given them the power to influence others through the way they live their life.

The simple truth is this, the church has the only message that has the power to change the human heart, heal a wounded soul, turn hatred into love and comfort the grieving. Our message brings repentance, redemption and reconciliation. Each one of us must pause and ask ourselves whether we are being intentional with the responsibility and influence weve been given. What are you doing with this message of hope? These questions change everything because they move you from participating to owning the mission.

God has trusted you with the influence of His love and the integrity of His image. As you are transformed into the image of God, the opportunities for your life to be used to display His kingdom increase as well.  God desires for every follower of His to use everything theyve been given – every moment, every struggle, and every success – for the sake of His Kingdom. We have to look at everything we have, as well as all that we experience, both the good and the bad, and ask, what is this for?

How can you begin to leverage what God has given you: your family, resources, time, wisdom, and gifts? How do you take what God has done in you and give it to others by leveraging it? How can Gods faithfulness be seen in the way you respond to your circumstances? Begin now by asking what are ways you can leverage your life o help fulfill the mission of reaching people and helping them walk with God.

Now imagine the difference we could make throughout the world, if every individual who was a part of the My One Word project leveraged their life for impact. What momentum could we create if we were a body driven by looking for ways to use what weve been given to help others experience the amazing love of Christ? How could we begin to turn the tide of culture if we took our role as disciples seriously by leveraging all that we have and all that comes our way to bring the hope the Gospel provides to a lost and hurting world?

  • How are you currently leveraging your life to make Christs heart known? What role is your One Word playing in this movement? How does the charge to reach people and help them walk with God shape how you leverage your life and approach your One Word?

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One Response to “Nudging The Scales”

  1. Cindy Moore says:

    Just wanted to say “thank you” to you and the others who have so diligently invested the time to write all the many, many “myoneword” blogs throughout the year. Although, I have only responded to a couple, quite a few of them really spoke to my heart where I was at….the one that comes to mind really quickly is the entry on carrying around old baggage. It took a lot of days, even weeks and months for me to realize a certain piece of baggage that I have been carrying around and justifying doing so. But I never forgot that blog entry and am ashamed that it has taken me so long to put that baggage down and do what God has been asking me to do. So, thank you for that particular entry and all the others.