Even “The Flash” Took Baby Steps

My wife and I have learned a valuable lesson: dont blink or The Flash will be long gone. The Flash is the nickname weve given our three-year-old daughter Paige. To say she is quick on her feet would be an understatement. If you turn your back for a second, Paige is bound to be three-quarters of the way up the stairs, jumping from couch to couch, waving to you on top of the table or dangling from the chandelier (okay, that last one is a bit of stretch, but she is very determined).

Its funny to think how something which comes so naturally now was so foreign to her just a short time ago. Yet, she wouldnt be the speed racer she is now unless she took those first wobbly steps. Back then she needed her mommys fingers for a sense of security or the edge of the table for balance. There were times when Paiges eyes would get so big and you could tell she was thinking Just one stepjust one. As shed stare down at her knocking knees, she had to have faith to move regardless of the outcome. One foot in front of the other.

Over the past few weeks, weve learned that our walk with God assumes movement through disciplines and requires the same type of faith my daughter had when she started to walk. Whether it is finding new ways to deal with old frustrations, responding to lifes difficulties or being transformed into Christs character, it all comes down to arranging our lives for growth to occur. What youve probably realized after  two weeks of putting disciplines into place is how change is always met with resistance.

It is very easy to come up with excuse after excuse as to why growth cant happen or explain why we refuse to take steps of faith. Anytime we face a difficult task, we feel a pull to go back to the way things were and remain the same. It might be selfishness, not wanting to appear foolish, fear of failure, or doubt; but whatever the excuse may be it comes down to perception. Inadequacy is not a concern of God’s, but this mindset of inadequacy plagues us from taking steps of faith.

We have been invited to walk–not accomplish. The things we accomplish are simply expressions or by-products of following the footsteps of Christ as we walk with Him. Stop focusing on all the places where living out your One Word still feels awkward and unnatural. This only leads you to focus your attention on the negative rather than celebrating those small baby steps of growth. Continue to take those next right steps of faith. It turns out those baby steps may be the most giant ones of all–paving the way for God to fulfill the purposes Hes established for you. As the life of Christ makes a difference in our hearts and souls, we live this out and God uses us to bring His change to the world around us.

After spending two weeks setting up disciplines to live out your One Word, where have you witnessed the most growth? Where have you met the most resistance?
As it relates to your One Word, what do you believe is the next step you need to take? What actions or changes do you need to put into place to make this change a reality?
Read Philippians 1:6 and Romans 5:1-5. How do these passages give you hope in regards to the resistance you might be feeling with disciplines being formed into your character?

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6 Responses to “Even “The Flash” Took Baby Steps”

  1. Raymond says:

    My Faith is getting stronger each day GOD awakes me. I realize that if I let my everyday occurences effect my well being then I too am operating outside of the will of GOD. I live my life by faith and knowing that when I let GOD have control, then things will get better for me. Things may not happen when I want them to happen but GOD is always on time. He knows that we all have risen from past obstacles and that we will be tested by temptation and other distractions in life. If we walk by Faith and not by sight then we are believing in GODS word and we will be able to face life’s challenges without stepping outside of what we truly believe in. Our biggest challenge in life is that people change and are unpredictable, and it’s hard to no who to trust, but GODs word never changes and we can always trust in him. If we give GOD half the attention that we give to our debtors, jobs, families or whatever problems you maybe faced with? Then we will see a better path of life and we then will take our walks by Faith and not by sight in our Blessed lives.

  2. Angie says:

    Having done all my work I needed to do at church, sm. group, etc.< the space needed is patience in doing one thing at a time, whether talking, reading, etc. I have also gotten off my comfort couch, eating better, and getting my exercise, which really starts my day right.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have found that every time I get off my comfort couch, something happens. I mean that literally. However, I am reminded of an old saying “If I’m not bothering the devil, he won’t bother me.” I realize that as I take the necessary steps to develop more faith, it does bother the devil and he will put a roadblock up. I need to get past that.

  4. Teresa says:

    As I spend more time in the word of God, I feel more and more resistance in my everyday relaionships. It seems harder to connect with my children, I seem to anger people without even trying. I am finding it neccessary to totally trust in my Father to see me through the frustrations. Obedience is my word and I will continue to obey and to follow what is given to me in my heart.
    I must stand in faith that God the Father my Holy Spirit will give me strength and the courage to trust and to rest in that trust.

  5. Susan B says:

    The area of most growth that I see is I am spending less money and now setting my priorities to include service to the church that has had such a positive impact on me and my family. I’m spending less time during the weekend working on my profession. I am trying to make better use of my time, only focusing on what is the most important task at hand. I know my savior will be patient with me because He loves me. Simplify or Simplicity is my word and I know as I simplify my life I will be better able to focus on my walk with God. My next step is to make my home a refuge and a place of peace, one room at the time.

  6. Leanne says:

    “We have been invited to walk-not accomplish”….woah! Now that was a knock upside the head! That is such a simple truth yet still not one that we are always open to. I find myself often focused on ACTING to accomplish this or that when what I should be focused on is walking with Christ and allowing Him to accomplish things through me and in me. Thanks for the eye-opener!