A Posture Of Transparency

The idea of relationships is simply about connecting or more importantly finding a connection.  The implication is that we must be proactivewe must find these points of connection and common ground.  Then we need to go a step further and bear with one another instead of checking out or running when things get too personal.  We want so desperately to be known, we say we want to be held accountable for the things we struggle with, yet we set boundaries up in our minds.

When people get to close to those boundaries, we start to backstep and rethink our connections to those people.  When it becomes personal, it becomes dangerous.  People might actually figure out that we dont have it together.  Living authentically means being vulnerable and transparent.

If someone is taking you seriously and is willing to hold you accountable to your word, it requires willingness on your part to accept responsibility for your own spiritual change.  This means taking on a posture of help and transparency. We must fight our natural inclination to hide from others when we are struggling with something or living in sin.

Entering into a relationship where accountability and spiritual vulnerability are cornerstones requires us to be honest and upfront with our struggles, not sending our friends on a fishing expedition for the truth.  Doing life together requires all to be proactive in their own relationship with Christ. The challenge before us is to step up our walk by examining our heart.

If we are not willing to be vulnerable before God, we will never go deep with others. Our relationships will remain superficial at best and we will continue to use others solely for our own benefit. We have to remember that in Christ we have the fullness of love necessary to live with others without having to get.

  • What are the places where you need support, encouragement and accountability? Who knows about these places?  For those that could not come up with a name, we encourage you to tell someone you trust about your experience with my One Word. For those that have a community of supporters, take a moment and reflect on how well these people know about your current progress towards growth. In both cases, be honest about your need for accountability.

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