A good stopping point is a place where you can pause a project that is not yet complete.  You can come to a “good stopping point” when cleaning your room or working in the yard.  You want to get to a place where you can take a break.  Good stopping points also mean that you can pick up where you left off- often with fresh energy or a fresh perspective.
As we get ready to ring in 2017, don’t forget to put a bow on 2016.  Otherwise, we run the risk of dragging our past right into the future.  Finishing the year doesn’t mean that everything is complete.  It just means that we have arrived a good stopping point.  A place where you can look back and make some plans about what to do next about where you are.
The end of year provides us with a good stopping point.  I hope that you will take advantage of this “stopping point” to allow you to look back at where you have been and take some great steps from where you are.  Finishing well helps us to start strong.
We have found that a Personal Retreat is a great way to finish well.  You can down load the Retreat Guide HERE.  So before you ring in 2017, take some time and finish 2016!