Jell-O Legs

A bit advice for husbands: when your wife asks you to do a RPM spin class at the gym, politely say no. If not youll find yourself in the same awkward predicament I experienced a few days ago. In a room full of stationary bikes, ladies surrounded me with not another guy in sight. Jenn failed to inform me that those who tend to do spin class are of the female variety.

Feeling completely out of place, I plopped down on a bike against the back wall and slowly began to pedal. The instructor began barking out directions, and the class began.

Ten minutes in, I was feeling quite manly. I had hardly broken a sweat, and everyone else was grabbing towels and guzzling water. This confidence crumbled the moment we were told to stand up for an approaching hill.

I attempted to pop up on my feet, but my pedals wouldnt hold my weight. The woman beside me, sensing she had a spin class rookie on her hands and an uncoordinated one to boot took pity on me and helpfully turned the resistance knob on my bike up numerous notches.

The weight sent shockwaves to my knees, calves, thighs and every other muscle in my legs. By the time we hit the top of what was the steepest and longest hill known to man, my legs felt like complete Jell-O.

I learned a hard lesson that day. Facing resistance is the only way for one to build true strength. Until my helpful classmate cranked up my resistance, I was enjoying a nice cruise. Even if I suddenly became a spin class junkie and went every single day, Id have seen no results until something changed. That resistance shocked my muscles and forced them to work in ways they never had before.

In resistance, growth happens. Only when we remember and trust this statement will we be willing to embrace struggle. Rather than orchestrating your world to avoid struggle, place yourself in environments where your One Word will be tested and met with resistance. In order to truly pursue your word and have it formed in your character, a struggle must take place.

Your One Word will test, challenge and push you to extremes. Sometimes the view from the top of the hill where transformation resides will appear too steep and daunting. Everything in you will want to seek the refuge of comfort that conformity provides. But instead of stopping there, keep pushing. Keep driving your burning legs. Fight for your growth.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13. What is your normal reaction when you meet resistance in an area of your life where you are trying to grow?

One Response to “Jell-O Legs”

  1. Rick Olsen says:

    Very funny situation! I took an “abs” class to build my core and found myself in a similar situation. “Can’t leave now . . . ” I found out that it’s the small muscles that are often not in shape. I run, I lift but the “hidden muscles” were were maxxed out. Probably a lesson there.