Vantage Point

Your Word is not just a promise that you must keep or else you will fail.  It is more about the process of formation than a destination in which you will be holy.

This is an interesting word. Holy. It sounds like some kind of super-spiritual behavior it sounds like finally arriving at some great spiritual finish line: I am finally holy!  My life is all perfectly arranged! Ive made it!

Perhaps of all the religious and spiritual things we Christians throw around, holiness has the biggest image problem. Think of a holy person and chances are the first thing that comes to mind is someone who is stiff and never has a moment of fun.

In truth, all that is meant by holiness is that someone or something was set apart for Gods use. The Bible is filled with stories that take place on holy ground. The only reason those plots of land are special is because something special happened on them. Their holiness depends on how God used them.

So how is He going to use you?

The goal of this year is to put yourself in a position where God will use you. So your word must become a vantage point otherwise, opportunities will be lost.  We want your One Word to become the lens through which you not only see your life and what God wants to do through you, but also how you view each passing moment.

Every day you will have an opportunity to see your life and your world though the lens of your One Word. If your word is compassion, it changes the way you see. You cant simply measure your growth by whether or not you have been compassionate you must begin to monitor how you see what is happening around you. You walk into a situation and begin to see through the lens of compassion and become available to bring Gods compassion where it might be needed. This is to be holy you are set apart for his purposes.

If your word is love or faith, it changes the way you see your world. You are looking for opportunities. You are looking for ways for God to use what he is doing in you. You are set apart for his work your One Word becomes a way to see things and not just a thing to do!

The first step to discovering what He has in store for you is by developing the vision of seeing what you can do for Him.  As you are thinking about your word, ask yourself what your perspective would be like through the lens of your One Word.  Then, surrender your normal, natural pace to be set apart for him you are holy (1 Peter 1:16).