Each January, Pastor Mike Ashcraft leads his church to pick a word for the year ahead through a My One Word sermon series on spiritual formation.

Now My One Word is how the congregation talks about spiritual growth.  At Port City Community Church you’ll frequently hear people asking, “What’s your word?” or “How’s it going with your one word?”

Churches around the country have led their congregations through a My One Word series as well. People love it because it’s helpful, hopeful, personalized and doable. In short, it works.

Pastor Danny Rogers of New Song Church said doing My One Word was “a defining moment for us.” Pastor Mel Menker of Divine Hope Church says it’s now “a part of the fabric of our church.”

We want to resource you to lead your church in your own My One Word campaign. Here are a few of our free available resources:

  • My One Word graphics
  • My One Word sermon intro video
  • My One Word feature videos

These plus other resources can be downloaded on the RESOURCE PAGE.  Please contact us if there is anyway we can serve your ministry.

We invite you to grab a copy of the book and use these free resources to build your own message series with the My One Word concept.


It’s hard finding small group material everyone will enjoy. But My One Word carries broad appeal and creates some great discussion – check out its reviews on Amazon.

And since it’s personalized by each group member’s word, people really love the concept.

As group members talk about their word and why they chose it, they reveal what they hope God will do in their life – what they are aiming at spiritually. This kind of disclosure opens the door for greater intimacy, accountability and support within the group.

We’ve resourced small groups with a four-session video-based small group DVD Bible study. No participants’ workbook is needed – the small group discussion questions are right in the back of the My One Word book. Most of the discussion questions are based from the video’s content so all viewers can participate no matter where they are in their reading that week.

We’re confident your group will love this one.


Consider having Us bring the My One Word approach to spiritual growth to your church, conference, or retreat. Contact to learn more and discuss the possibilities of having us speak. We’d be honored to serve you.