Want Help Sticking With Your Word?

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Want some high-level guidance walking through the year with your one word?


Would having someone remind you of your word, prompt you to remain accountable to your word, and show you ways you can apply it be helpful this year?


My One Word co-author Rachel Olsen has created an email-based coaching program to help you get the most out of your one word in the year to come.  Start at any time. Here’s the details.  Check it out.


This could be a great way for you to arrange your life to keep your one word!

  • Kaneka Turner

    Any creative ideas for keeping your one word in front of you? A group of friends and I are getting together in about 2 weeks to have a quarterly connection around our words. Our hope was to make the words more present in personal ways. Any ideas would be great!

  • Devinn Soudijn

    what a terrific idea! i love this… the link for details on accountability with the coach is not complete. it won’t take me to the page…

  • CRP

    The word I have chosen is Forgiveness. I lost my daughter to a road rage driver 51/2 years ago as well as family issues that have caused me to be estranged from others. Not to mention day to day life where I need to forgive others. However I will need lots of prayers to help me get where I need to be which is Christlike.

  • Katrina Church

    The email coaching was awesome last year. Is it going to be offered again for 2016?

  • I was introduced to the “One Word” concept in 2014. So every year in December I pick a word and it becomes my focus for the next year. It is amazing and although I had my reservations, it truly has set the tone of how I live my life. 2015 was Joy and 2016 was Peace. But for 2017 I have chosen “Surpass”; which means to exceed expectations,
    to go beyond what was expected or hoped for, usually by being bigger, better or